We offer a wide range of cabinet food made fresh on-site.  On the baking front, our cheese & black pepper scones are a daily favourite while our vanilla date scones also have a strong fan base.  Muffins, pastries and croissants are also on offer, along with Grizzly filled donuts which are just yum, yum, yum!

Our kitchen team do an awesome job of keeping the cabinet zingy and fresh with ideas to tempt your taste buds.  But you'll also find the staples such as our jumbo cheese roll, served with a gherkin mayo, and our protein-rich frittatas.

We try really hard to offer something to please everyone, whether you have food allergies, specific dietary requirements, or can simply eat everything without a care in the world.

We are known for our focus on gluten free options, our philosophy being that if we can make it gluten free without compromising on taste or quality....why not!  In fact nearly all of our sweet options are gluten free but we challenge you to say they're anything but delicious!

From our caramel slice, peppermint and snickers slices, to our orange and almond cake, bliss balls and the star of the show, our ginger and pistachio crunch, not to mention the cookies, you are bound to find your own particular favourite.

Whether you're looking for food on the run, or want to sit in, savour and enjoy... we know you'll find something just a little bit different.

Just good food, made with love.